Special Tech DJ opened in 2013 to serve as a DJ/Music School for the community.  Since then we have been involved in many community events and have decided to keep that as a main focus.  That focus has led us to create a new company called Special Tech Training which is a non profit.  This gives us more opportunities to be able to get out to the community and work with our members to build and enrich others lives with our services.



Our Current Services (more to come in 2015)

  • Daily DJ Club (all ages)
  • DJ Lessons (all ages)
  • Mobile DJ Services
  • Online DJ Show

Future Services

  • Tech Club
  • Gamer events
  • Live shows in our location

We are looking to grow our team of volunteers who also would like to be a part of this great mission we are on.  If interested please reach out to us.


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